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Manuel Borja-Villel

Deputy Director
João Fernandes

Deputy Managing Director
Cristina Juarranz de la Fuente

Manager Advisor
Carmen Castañón

Director’s Office

Head of Office
Nicola Wohlfarth

Head of Press
Concha Iglesias

Head of Protocol
Sonsoles Vallina


Head of Exhibitions
Teresa Velázquez

General Coordinator of Exhibitions
Belén Díaz de Rábago


Head of Collections
Rosario Peiró

Head of Restoration
Jorge García

Head of Registrar
Carmen Cabrera

Editorial Activities

Head of Editorial Activities
Alicia Pinteño

Public Activities

Public Activities and Study Centre Director
Ana Longoni

Head of Cultural Activities
Chema González

Head of the Library and Documentation Centre
Bárbara Muñoz

Head of Education
María Acaso

General Deputy Directorate Management

Technical Advisor
Mercedes Roldán

Head of Management Support Unit and of Financial Affairs 
Guadalupe Herranz Escudero

Head of the Economic Department
Alberto Salcines Sáez

Strategy Development, Business and Audiences
Rosa Rodrigo

Head of Sponsorship and Space Management
Laura Hurtado

Head of Public Activity Policy
Francisca Gámez

Head of the Department of Architecture, Facilities and General Services
Javier Pinto

Head of Security 
Luis Barrios Rincón

Head of IT Department
Sara Horganero

Head of Digital Projects
Olga Sevillano