One of the Museo’s priorities is ensuring visitors engage with the contents and debates encompassed in the Collection and temporary exhibitions. In response to this need, the Museo has started up an ongoing service of cultural mediation comprising diverse initiatives which are all aimed at a more meaningful and high-quality visit.

The service is rendered by various mediators who are available to the public throughout the entirety of the Museo’s opening hours and can either deal with any immediate requests before or during their visit. To this end, their responsibilities include guidance in pre-planning visits that takes into consideration the interests, availability and needs of different people. Once the tour around the Museo is under way, mediators are also available to visitors in order to clear up any doubts about the contents of the Collection or to provide more detailed information on any aspects they take a greater interest in.

The Museo’s Collection contains multiple narratives and invites highly diverse interpretations. Consequently, one of the other key objectives of cultural mediation is to explore this diverse discourse and share it with the public, which is why the mediators offer a comprehensive weekly programme of gallery conversationsthat transversally span the Collection to touch upon diverse themes. Visitors can choose between tours, for instance Hacer espacio o de cómo deambular desde la desorientación. Feminismos en Colección 2 y Colección 3, Guernica. The history of an icon or those devoted specifically to temporary exhibitions.

During both the gallery conversations and personalised guidance, the permanent dialogue with the public is at the core of mediation project – defined, without question, as the human sideof the Museo.