Room 403 Youth Uprising. The Lettrist Alternative to Post-War Trauma

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The Letterism, founded in 1946 by Gabriel Pomerand (1925-1972) and Isidore Isou (1925-2007), uses letters as “sounds” and then as “images.” Poetry turns into music and writing becomes painting. The letterists extend these changing relationships to lm, culture and society. In 1952 the movement divides because of diverging objectives: living art or the art of living. Jean-Louis Brau, Guy Debord and Gil Wolman founded the Letterist International to “transcend art”. Marc’O set up the group “Ex-ternalists” to encourage the uprising of youth. The Isouists asserted that their only doctrine came from a single creator. Letterists, for a long time, would remain “badly known or known to be bad”.